Our Values

Universal Yarn knows that crafting is for everyone.  We understand that the diversity in our community is our strength, and strive for inclusivity in our representation.  Our patterns are written with extended sizing wherever possible, and for a variety of skill levels and techniques.  We will always do our best to bring you a variety of the best quality fibers to fit your budget and your taste.  In short: we want no crafter left behind!

If you feel there’s an area we can improve, we invite you to write to us and let us know.  Your voice is important.  Thank you for being part of the Universal Yarn family.

Universal Yarn believes that a strong community comes from all of us working together to help each other rise.  We’re proud to commit annual support for these organizations which are working to help children and families in our area succeed.

Helping others builds connections in our community, connections that enrich not just the person receiving but the person giving, too. We hope that you will join us in reaching out to those in your community that need help.  Together, we can make a difference.

Charities we are proud to work with

Freedom School Partners

For over 20 years, Freedom School Partners been working to prevent summer learning loss in at-risk children from kindergarten through eighth grade, by offering programs that ignite a love of reading.  With expert educational help, children and families without enrichment opportunities have a chance to grow and learn, leading to greater success later in life.

Greater Charlotte Rise

Greater Charlotte Rise works to provide housing-insecure residents of Charlotte with the skills and support necessary to maintain stable housing. Their mission is to provide access to clothing, food, and jobs, and to bring people who need help together with those who can give it.

Charity League of Charlotte

Charity League of Charlotte is an all-volunteer group dedicated to helping at-risk children thrive in school.  They work with schools to create closets for items of need, including backpacks, school supplies, and other tools children and teachers need to succeed.