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Free Pattern Friday – Swim Cover

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Swim Cover in Alana. This is a timely design.  Why?  Take a look. Yep, that’s next week.  Hot.  Hot hot hot.  Hard to believe it’s only May.  So maybe this is a good moment to cast on for something to help you stay cool. Start off this long weekend by … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Swim Cover

Friday, May 22nd @ 2PM

Rocked Knitalong – Button Tab Finishing

Today we’re wrapping up the Rocked knitalong with the final piece of the puzzle, the buttons and button tabs.  Just two simple pieces of knitted stockinette and a couple of buttons take this mesh shirt from “okay” to a really finished looking garment. Although the instructions call for a cast-on of 8 stitches for the button tabs, … Continue reading Rocked Knitalong – Button Tab Finishing

Sunday, May 17th @ 1PM

IRL – Heather’s Hat

We are fully immersed in balmy summertime weather here in North Carolina. I look longingly at my heavy hand-knits every morning, knowing I won’t get to wear them for months. But with high heat also comes air conditioning, and we keep things pretty chilly here in the Universal Yarn office. Many of us keep a lightweight … Continue reading IRL – Heather’s Hat

Saturday, May 16th @ 12PM

Free Pattern Friday – Water Ski Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Water Ski Scarf in Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray. We featured Cotton Supreme DK Seaspray  not too long ago in the popular Color Block Scarves, but it’s so perfect for the season that we couldn’t resist sharing it again. I love this yarn, and I love this scarf.  The pattern is … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Water Ski Scarf

Friday, May 15th @ 4PM
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Short story: Uptown Worsted is Affordable, anti-pilling acrylic yarn in fashion-forward and standard colors that doesn’t feel cheap and crinkly. Matte finish resembles that of more expensive fibers.

I nervously casted on with Uptown Worsted (first time for a sweater and first experience with this yarn). The price was right for possibly screwing up the sweater or not liking the yarn. I AM SO GLAD I CHOSE THIS YARN. It is exactly what I was looking for - soft, perfect amount of sheen, knits like a dream with just enough slick feeling and steam blocks perfectly.

Everybody that admires it is awed at the quality of the sequins (in Cotton Supreme Sequins).