Fibra Natura Book 3: Back to Natura - $10.99

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The smart trend these days is back-to-nature: including, among other things, recycling for minimal impact on our home planet, raising and eating organic foods and wearing garments made with natural fibers. Whatever back-to-nature means to you, we think you’ll agree that Fibra Natura yarns are definitely part of this trend.

Created from nature, Fibra Natura yarns include beautiful fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo, flax, silk, Merino wool and Seacell (made from kelp). These renewable fibers are all grown and harvested with an eye toward responsible stewardship of the earth’s resources.

All of the pieces in this book have a very organic feel to them. Soft curves, udulating lace patterns, boldly textured ribbing and stripes—they reflect the look of nature. You’ll love wearing them in the transitioning seasons of winter into spring and summer into autumn, as well as on cooler
summer evenings.

Photography: Donna Jernigan Photography


Fibra Natura Book 3: Back to Natura Patterns