Classic Kids Book 2: Classic Shades Kids - $14.00

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Projects for kids and toddlers are great knitting. Small shapes mean quick knitting and an opportunity to practice new stitch patterns, techniques, and the subtle art of good finishing. Working up small sweaters and accessories for youngsters—toddler to teen—can be tough going when it comes to thinking about things they’ll actually wear. Texture and color lean heavily toward the basics and the pastels—and young boys and girls want cool kid colors and stylish designs.

Classic Shades Kids brings the best of all worlds together into a volume of 10 sweaters and accessories for young kids to teens. With a good mix of styles and the brilliant self-shading colors of Classic Shades, a worsted weight machine washable self shading wool/acrylic blend from Universal Yarn, knitters can’t go wrong in working up these small projects. Better still, projects like the Cool Kid Cardi and Study Hall Pullover are sized for adults too—so you can knit one up for the special youngster in your life, and knit one up for yourself too!

Get ready for a big dose of Classic Shades color with these brilliant year-round knits!


Classic Kids Book 2: Classic Shades Kids Patterns