Universal Yarn Book 2: Afghans and Throws - $10.99

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Everyone loves to snuggle under a soft warm blanket! We’ve taken soft and warm one step further and have created a collection of beautiful afghan and throw projects that are beautiful as well as functional.

Created exclusively in yarns from the Classic and Deluxe families, these functional pieces are classic and timeless. We’ve included designs that will appeal to knitters at different skill levels – there are challenging pieces as well as those that are just right for knitting keeping your hands busy while you’re watching television or waiting for your child to finish soccer practice.

Colors are personal choices and determine the look of the project. If you love the stitch pattern in Baby Cables, don’t feel like this pattern can only be baby blanket! Knit it in hot red for a modern living room accent piece. Harvest Fields can also be knit in primary colors to become a toddler blankie for the bed of your favorite little one. The sky is the limit in choices—select the pattern and colors you will love to knit to create a piece you will love to use!

Photography: Black Box Studios


Universal Yarn Book 2: Afghans and Throws Patterns