Universal Yarn Book 1: Yumiko Warm Earth - $18.00

Book Information

This book is out of print, but still available as a downloadable e-book and individual patterns from Ravelry and Craftsy.

Born in Japan, Yumiko Alexander has been knitting since she was in elementary school. As she grew older and continued to design, she sold her original projects in Japan until she moved to America, where she started selling her designs. Her artistic ability speaks loudly in the name of her company, DanDoh-which means warm soil.

Now living in Arizona, Yumiko reflects on the beauty of the desert sun, warm earth colors and great expanse of visible sky, often without any clouds for days. The sense of freedom and special colors all around her continue to call to her artistic nature. Yumiko's designs are also inspired by what she likes to wear and what she wants to have in her closet. Her design goal is to create original pieces that cannot be found in stores. She especially likes combining knit and crochet to obtain interesting textures and fun combinations of fiber and color.

We love the easy wearability and comfortable fit of Yumiko's projects. Her organic, free-flowing style complements many body types. Unique stitch patterns and earthy color combinations are flattering and stylish. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to publish Yumiko's first book of original knit and crochet designs!

Photography: Black Box Studios


Universal Yarn Book 1: Yumiko Warm Earth Patterns